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Teach Deb’s 12-Week Get Out of the Rut Pacesetter Program!

Are you looking for a way to take your Unit members to a new level of success?

Are you ready to inspire consultants to create a new standard of excellence?

Are you ready to create massive momentum and explosive growth?

If you answered YES to these questions, then we have the perfect program for you!

Deb Erickson’s 12-week Get out of the Rut Pacesetter Program is designed to help move Consultants to higher levels of achievement on the Career Path. This program teaches your Consultants the power and pitfalls of the mind to help them shift into productive action. Participants will experience a powerful breakthrough in personal growth and noticeable leaps in their business by taking focused action with weekly IPA challenges.


This Pacesetter Program can be effectively taught in person, via teleconference, or at weekly success meetings. Every participant will need a copy of Deb’s book, Get Out of the Rut, and On With Your Life, and a copy of the Get Out of the Rut Pacesetter Workbook. All the weekly assignments, record keeping charts, and IPAs are included in the workbook. When you order five or more workbooks, you will also receive Deb’s comprehensive Director’s guide designed to make the program easy to facilitate.

Each week’s lesson focuses on a chapter in Deb’s dynamic book, teaching your Consultants how to master their mindset, emotions, and daily actions. As a facilitator you will receive the following support material:

  • Two monthly group support calls for Directors facilitating the Pacesetter Program
  • A promotional flyer to send to your unit member to encourage enrollment (click here)
  • Weekly IPA challenges for consultants related specifically to business development (sales & team building)
  • Consultant accountability with a Bonus Program and a Weekly Reporting Sheet
  • Flexibility for you to add additional bonus points and your own skill-based training
  • Weekly email support for participants from Deb
  • Bonus incentives from Deb Erickson for graduates including a live group call with Deb for qualifiers

If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your personal and professional life, this dynamic 12 week Pacesetter Program is for you!

In 12 short weeks you will:

  • Learn practical tools and strategies to assist you in busting through mental and emotional ruts
  • Learn how to use the power of your mind to increase your bottom line
  • Discover your personal power and business potential
  • Break through self-sabotage forever
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Build consistency into your business
  • Increase your bookings and multiply your sales

Listen to Deb’s Q&A About the New Pacesetter Program.
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Pacesetter Program Includes:
  • Workbook for Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life 12-week Course!
  • All activities laid out in detail
  • Discussion questions in your manual you can ask each week in your PaceSetter class
  • PaceSetting assignments that are all connected to IPAs
  • Every person in the class will need a book and a workbook
  • Participants get to choose how much they are going to do and get points for what they do
  • Incentives from Deb Erickson for Completing the Program
    1. If they complete the program, they get a certificate from Deb.
    2. If they complete at a ‘high level’ of points, they get a certificate and a special card.
    3. If they complete at a ‘premium level’ of points, they ALSO get a group call with Deb, probably once a quarter.
  • Director’s Guide of resources and bullet point suggestions to help
  • PaceSetters Trainers Call twice a month for facilitators to ask questions
  • Any Director can teach this program. You do not need to be enrolled in RutBusting
  • Designed to get your people moving, and moving quickly!
  • Downloadable “Best of the Best” affirmation for PaceSetter course members. Will have special tools.
  • Course Participants will get a weekly email from Deb that may have a 10 minute call presentation from Deb in the email.

This course will really help your people who are feeling the most frustrated!

We expect to start supporting classes the 2nd or 3rd week of August (we will keep you updated). Small quantities of the workbook and course order forms will be available at Seminar. We will have a flier for you to share this program available before Seminar!

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Get out of The Rut Pacesetter Program
Pacesetter Program Course Materials

Get Out Of The Rut Pacesetter Program pricing ranges from $45-$73 per person based on the number of programs ordered. Prices also vary based on whether participants choose the audio or print version of the book. Please see the order notes below for quantity discount details.

*Shipping not reflected in product pricing


Facilitator Starter Kit $265
Kit includes:
– 1 Directors Guide
– 5 Workbooks
– 5 Books in paperback
This item is a Facilitator Only Product – available for purchase through the Facilitator Account Page



Participant Starter Kit $57
Kit includes:
– 1 workbook
– 1 Book in paperback
Available for purchase through your Facilitator

Get Out of the Rut Pacesetter Program Workbook $39

Available for purchase through your Facilitator


Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life, paperback book $23

Available for individual purchase online (click here)


Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life, Audio Book on CD with MP3 download $39

Available for individual purchase online (click here)